About Experts cards

Increase your sales and encourage customer loyalty with the multi-functional Experts Cards 

The Experts card programme has been created to enable specialist retailers to offer their customers a professionally produced, multi-functional card with a low cost entry point and national recognition as an Experts card retailer. See the Why use Experts cards section for more details.

Retailers can have a fully functional gift card, loyalty card, promotions card, refunds card or savings card scheme within weeks. See the Multi functional cards section for more details. 

The Experts card programme will have no set up fee or commission charges, the only price of start up is the purchase of the cards themselves.

The Experts cards are an ideal way for retailers to promote their business and brand. A logo and address details can be printed directly onto the card so the recipient knows exactly where to redeem it. Design your own card or choose from a range of seasonal and industry specific designs.

The Experts cards are part of The Experts community, where consumers can find invaluable information and advice about a variety of outdoor pursuits and leisure activities and the specialist businesses that enable participation.

You will need a Global Payments terminal to participate in this scheme. Click here to access a guide on how to use your terminal with The Experts Cards. 

Key features

  • Get started with an order of just 250 cards
  • Choose from the card designs available or create your own bespoke card
  • Low cost entry for specialist retailers - just £399 + Vat
  • No commission charges
  • Use your existing card payments terminal to process transactions
  • Multi functional use: gift card, loyalty card, savings card, promotions card, refund card 
  • Supported by national consumer promotion via The Experts
  • Compete with corporate retailers